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Probate Support Services for Charities

Charities are very often left legacies under wills. This can be a set sum of money or even the whole estate. We work closely with charities and deal with estates on their behalf. By instructing us, the charity benefits from:

Our flexible services: We will do as much or as little as we are asked to do. From experience we have found that our administrative services to include registering the death and arranging the funeral, sorting out all the paperwork, and obtaining all the valuations are particularly beneficial. Also clearing the deceased's property, maintaining it, arranging insurance, inspecting it for insurance purposes and arranging for it to be sold are hugely useful and popular services.

Cost and time effective services: we specialise in this work so it is our priority and we do support work at support service rates. This is very attractive to the beneficiary and very much in line with the deceased's wishes.

Charities are hugely comforted by the fact that we have years of legal expertise and we understand and adhere to the standards and requirements that need to be met. We act as their eyes and ears out on site and regularly report back with full updates so everything is carried out in a clear, timely and transparent manner.

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