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Property valuations

If the deceased owned a property, its value forms part of their estate.

Usually, property valuations need to be obtained from three different estate agents, which takes a considerable amount of time to arrange and manage.

A law firm has three options:

  1. A solicitor has to arrange for the keys to be transferred back and forth each time, while ensuring that the property remains safe and secure – which is not ideal.
  2. A member of staff has to attend alongside each estate agent, which means three trips out of the office.
  3. Let us arrange meetings with the various estate agents, look after the keys, and supply you with the valuations.

This service is used by individuals especially where there may be family dispute. We act as an independent, impartial party which minimises conflict between family members. Also, due to pressure of other commitments, individuals don't always have the time to deal with this type of work and this service is particularly beneficial.

With our legal expertise and years of experience, you can trust us to handle the property valuations and save you time and money.

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