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Register the death and arrange the funeral

This service is offered to Professional Executors only so where the law firm is appointed as the Executor.  We will register the death and arrange the funeral. These formalities have strict time constraints and can be very time-consuming.

Registering the death

Registering the death normally needs to be done within five days. We will collect the medical certificate from the GP/hospital and liaise with the registrar.

Arranging the funeral

We will also arrange the funeral with a funeral director of your choice.

These tasks can take many hours, but as a self-contained job, they are easy for lawyers to outsource.

We'll meet your tight deadlines, save you time, and relieve the pressure.

P.S. Once the death is registered and funeral arranged, lawyers often give us the keys and ask us to "do everything" in relation to the property. We'll get everything valued, clear the property, and put it on the market, saving time for you and money for the estate.

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