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Sorting out the paperwork

Getting this right from the beginning is very important as accurate records need to be kept all the way through.

When a person dies, in order to apply for probate the Executor needs to get valuations of everything the deceased owned to understand the deceased's assets and liabilities, and inform all the relevant institutions. This means that someone has to go into the deceased’s property, find all their paperwork, and sort it out.

It may be possible for family and friends to do this, but they may not be sure how to handle the process. Sometimes, the deceased has no family, their friends can't cope, or there may be a family dispute. It can be a sad and mucky job, especially if the deceased lived in isolation and squalor.

Solicitors are often appointed as the Professional Executor, and become responsible for the assets and liabilities of the deceased from the moment of death. However, it's time-consuming and expensive for lawyers to sort out the deceased's paperwork. We regularly assist individuals and charities with this work.

Our expertise means that we know precisely what needs to be done. We are happy to go in to collect and collate the paperwork – saving you time, worry and expense.

We don't throw any documentation away.

With our legal expertise, regard for confidentiality, and meticulous attention to detail, we check every piece of paper, document it, prepare a schedule of assets and liabilities, and send everything to the solicitor.

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