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Unoccupied properties

Often, the property is the most valuable asset in the estate, and protecting it is of utmost importance.

There are three ways we help law firms manage unoccupied properties during the adminstrative process:


We find and arrange insurance for unoccupied properties. This can be difficult to obtain, so our assistance saves time for busy law firms.  We also assist individuals and charities with this, by working with our specialist contacts, as it can be very difficult to find insurance for unoccupied properties.

Property inspections

Insurers often endorse the policy with a requirement to inspect the property every week or fortnight. If not, any future claim would be invalid.

Property inspections demand a lot of effort, so it's costly for law firms to do this themselves.

We inspect unoccupied properties on a one-off or regular basis, and provide a report for the executor. This saves time for law firms. We regularly assist individuals and charities with this, saving time and costs to the estate.

Securing unoccupied properties

We ensure that unoccupied properties are secure, by arranging to drain down the water system, isolate utilities and changing locks. This service saves time for law firms, as someone needs to be on site with the various trades.  We also deal with this on behalf of individuals and charities.