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Why us

Why choose Expert Attorney for your probate support services

Law firms often handle probate – but it doesn't make sense for a lawyer to do all the support work.  The probate process can be broken into three stages:

Pre Grant  work -  getting this right is critical as the information  you gather will be used to make the actual application for probate.  Most of this is support work.  We do this work for law firms, individuals and charities and then work closely with the lawyers who will carry out the second stage.

The application for probate is the second stage which involves completing the inheritance tax forms, claiming the allowances and paying inheritance tax (if payable). This stage is complicated and we strongly recommend that a specialist is used to deal with this.

Post Grant Work – once you have the Grant of probate the debts need to be paid and assets encashed. Again a lot of this work is support work but it is essential that you know what you are doing. Tax needs to be finalised during this period and accounts need to be prepared.

What if there is no Will

The process will be the same but you will apply for a grant of administration. However, intestacy rules will apply which will dictate who receives what.

Attorney / Deputys

Again a lot of the work is support work but you need to know what you are doing.  Being an attorney or deputy carries a great deal of responsibility  and can be very time consuming.

Who can they depend on that has legal expertise?

As Archana is a qualified solicitor with many years of experience in this area of law, she can see both sides of the coin – the legal side and the support side.

We understand what needs to be done, and adhere to the standards and compliance issues required.

When time is critical, you can trust our punctual efficiency and precise attention to detail.

Most of our business is referred to us by word of mouth – the best recommendation there is.

We do support work at support service rates and and usually give a fixed fee quote so you know where you stand.

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